Most Played in 2011

It is always interesting to see what people were listening to the most over the course of the year. Of course, this is just a small sampling of friends-to-UR but it is nice to see that no one repeated each others' choices. We rock.

All of the Lights ~Kanye West [Mooks]
Someone to Love Me ~Mary J Blige ft Diddy + Lil Wayne [The Way of the Id]
Wake Up Alone ~Amy Winehouse [MissDTM]
Shiraz ~Action Bronson [Jayare]
F*ck You ~Cee Lo [pemora]
La Cura ~Frankie Ruiz [paj1]
Give Me Everything ~Pitbull ft Ne-yo + Afrojack [DJ Shakez]
Midnight City ~M83 [Pete]
I'm On One ~Dj Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross + Lil Wayne [Kev from BK]
Ni**as in Paris ~Jay-z + Kanye [dough]
So Hard ~Joell Ortiz [IMTHATDUDE]

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  1. Fabulous playlist!!! Hope you have a Happy Happy New Year!




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