#ShopSmall.....by pemora

Every year, I work hard to feature small business owners. I am especially sensitive to this right now, when I think we truly need to support one another. I hope you enjoy the list of #ShopSmall products!

kevfrumbk is so freaking talented. I have a couple of his prints and love them. Hit him up soon! 
For that princess in your life. Or yourself. Whatever, I don't judge. Get yours at mancelina

Witty cards always warm my heart. I would send this to my baby daddy. From emilymcdowelldraws.

While I love all of Yokoo's creations, I REALLY love how she styles on them on her instagram. So cute! 

Supposedly, Beyonce wears this gear. True or not, I am in love. From DemestiksNewYork

I am totally into the dude rocking glasses x side part x beard look. AKA hipster-life. Get this for your favorite hipster baby daddy. From BeardOil

I have so many wonderful things to say about REDSTARink. She makes me customized greeting cards that say, "You Rock"  and I love them. I am coveting her calendar planner. Hi, Santa! 

I kinda didn't want to post this because I am eying it for myself. I could see myself wearing this with a gold chunky necklace and sipping on some coquito. Love. From OurTownVintage.

I feature Babooshka every year because her gear is really the bees knees. I love everything she makes. Everythang. 

Who wouldn't want to carry this around with them. Such a beautiful image and message. From Ariel Brands.

  I know, I know, I am featuring a product that one can only get on Amazon. But here me out -- the writer is a woman of color, features little girls of color and has a positive message. So, support. Even though it is from Amazon.

I first saw this poster on Project Bronx's instagram and thought it was so freaking cool. Since the Bronx has my heart, I would love to have this as a poster too. Features tons of cities. From Ork Posters! 
Hey Fran Hey put me on to this and I am so glad I got my hands on it! The 1st time I wore it out, someone told me that he's Walter's cousin...be still my heart! Peralta Project also features tons of Willie Colon gear. Which is awesome. 

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