Elven Royalty Ring [most wanted]....by pemora

Elven Royalty Ring [most wanted]
by pemora

I have never met a ring I did not like.  It all started with my 'pemora' name ring and then moved to an obsession with double-finger rings.  
Now? I am all about the mother cracklin' knuckle ring.

I'm not even sure what that means, but it sounds right.

This is some serious beauty right here.  I mean, I can totally see myself rocking this to the grocery store, to dinner with my husband (hello, husband, v-day is around the corner.  I hope you made some reservations), to a rap concert.  Seriously.

Pick this up for me (for v-day!) at AdoreVintage.


  1. this would be a wonderful valentine's gift....maybe you should print it out and just leave pictures of it all around the house. Heehee-HINT HINT to the husband!
    And deal! I am so gonna keep my eyes peeled for anything turtle, then we'll swap :)

  2. That's some serious ring. Its so pretty, as well as being big. I think it balances well and can totally see you wearing it with just about anything.

  3. oh this IS an awesome ring!! Such a statement piece!

    Wanderlusting Fool


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