R.I.P.....little thoughts....by pemora

R.I.P. little thoughts
by pemora

Sometimes I wonder about this idea of an 'online community'.  I always think...is it possible?  Could people be friends without ever meeting in real life?  Could we have some kind of emotional attachment to one another if we have only interacted through monitors and keyboard pads?

And then...one of my favorite bloggers passed away.  A girl who loved food, fashion, and her boyfriend.  A girl who was sweet + kind + cute.  A girl with a family + friends.  A girl with pretty pictures + a cute blog.

But she was so much more than that.  How do I know?  Because when I read the post that she had passed, I cried.  Because the world will be a different place now that she is not in it.

So, this is for you little thoughts.  I hope that you have found peace.

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