10 Deep Infantry Jacket [most wanted]....by pemora

10 Deep Infantry Jacket [most wanted]
by pemora

Despite some of the rumblings online about the show, I have really been digging HBO's 'How To Make It In America'. Mostly because of the NYC backdrop, but also because I see so many of my friends in the various characters.  If you haven't seen it, try to check it out this weekend.  I love.

Anyway, one would think that I am crushing on Cam, the charming and disgustingly cute Dominican boy.  Alas, you are wrong.  As much as I love my fellow platanos, I am really on Team Ben.  I have a real soft spot for white boys who love hip hop, hang out in both sketchy and popular places, and look like they need an extra plate of arroz con habichuelas in their lives.  What I really love about his character is his outfit -- the plaid shirt (maybe vintage?), skinny jeans, Nike dunks (I'm assuming. They never show his kicks but doesn't it feel like he's rocking some bright colored Nike dunks?) and that army jacket.  Oh, that army jacket.

I like 10 Deep's version, especially the embellishment on the back.  After all, who doesn't want a little Team Ben in their lives?  Get this for your man at karmaloop.


  1. Ok so this made me giggle--I simply love that you go into great detail about these guys...and what you imagine Cam's shoes to look like. I've never seen it, although I did want to check it out at some point (sadly, no HBO in this household)...and when I do, I'll be sure to remember your Cam-love, and certainly I'll think of you. I'll get back to you if I happen to watch it sometime soon.

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  3. Love this post, I've been digging the show as well, one because I am too an aspiring designer trying to "make it" and two because it reminds me so much of what NYC really is like for those of us that do live in the island. Anyway, I know Ben (Brian) through a friend of ours and he's pretty close to Ben in real life, pretty chill, nice cool guy. I am however a big fan of Cam, everytime Ben wants to give up, he's always eager to make it happen somehow. And last, love that jacket you posted, might have to get that for my hubby! ;)


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