My Chick Bad remix [video]...by pemora

My Chick Bad remix [video]
by pemora

While driving through the southern states, I heard this song way too many times.  This and that Timberland/Drake song and that other really annoying one by Soulja Boy.  Seriously.  Just three songs.

Now that I am back in NYC, my sis put me on to the Ludacris remix.  I love that my girl Eve ripped it.  And Trina looks fly.  And even that other chick that kinda looks like Solange was pretty darn good.  They all made Nicki Minaj look like the Black Barbie Doll with no talent that she is.

Enjoy the video.


  1. $5 Nicki "Minaj" really thinks that's the right way to spell "ménage."

  2. Thanks Pemora:) I really appreciate the comment. Dan and I are taking a road trip this summer and I can't wait to hit the road. We'll be gone for two whole weeks.

  3. Thanks lady! You made me blush. Let me look into making a print for you. The one I posted is just from my sketch book and needs to be cleaned up.


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