But I Get Props like a Slogan...by pemora

But I Get Props like a Slogan
by pemora

I have resisted from writing/thinking/talking too much about Guru's passing, mostly because I am so upset about the aftermath of his death.  The supposed deathbed letter, Premier's truly touching remarks, MC Solaar's role in all of this (fyi, to my SATC friends, MC Solaar's song was the one playing when Carrie missed the dinner party thrown for her in Paris. Full circle, huh?), its all been too much.

Instead, I have been digging through my baby daddy's CDs and updating my ipod with all songs Gang Starr.  Not surprisingly, all of these songs both make me feel nostalgic and hold relevance.



  1. I would love to ride my (for now hypothetical) bike to NYC:) My husband's friends just moved back there from California and we've started bouncing around ideas about visiting. I'd love to meet you in person if (really when) we do. I'm really so dorky in person though! I don't know if it'll be anytime soon, but sometime in the next year. Let me know...and if this is weird or you don't want to meet up, that's cool too. I'm happy to be blogosphere friends:)


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