Bringing Me Back from Shopping Death...by pemora

One person who was quite supportive during my shopping hiatus was Merl over at Clyde's Rebirth.  Not only is she someone who ALWAYS answers my emails/tweets/posts/smoke signals but she constantly has something witty/charming/insightful to say. Not a wasted word from this one.  And she hooked me up with a pretty badass red silk jumpsuit that makes me look like the Latina version of Donna Summer circa 'On The Radio'.  Oh yes, it is THAT badass.

Anyway, Merl is hosting a pretty sick giveaway that I just had to enter.  For more details and to check out her rad lookbook, head on over to Clyde's Rebirth.  Run don't walk.


I think this giveaway is just the motivation I need to get out of my shopping rut.  Am Ex, I'm back, baby!

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