Most Wanted: Leopard Booties....by pemora

Since last fall, I have been on the hunt for the most perfect pair of leopard-print ankle boots. My hunt has led me down a Goldilocks-like frenzy of criticisms.

Too High of a Heel
Vince Camuto  

Too Scary for Day Care Pick-Ups
Steve Madden

Just Right
Sam Edelman
OF COURSE, these are the same boots that have not appeared in my size since the moment I have started stalking them. WTF?! I put in a pre-order request but its just been crickets....If someone sees these in a sz 8, can you holler at your girl?

BTW, on my hunt for leopard-print ankle boots, I somehow stumbled upon and then purchased these....yeah, I'm not sure how that happened either but I have to tell you that these are probably the most comfortable shoes I have worn in a very long time. Minus my trusty Old Navy flip flops. Or my Nike Dunks. Or my Uggs Mocs*. But...you get the idea....

Jeffrey Campbell

*Please do not mock me for owning a pair of Uggs. I promise they only come out on Sunday mornings, during my grocery shopping runs. And, they are not the boots. And, my mom bought them for me. I know that there is no excuse but they are truly the MOST comfortable slip-on shoes. Ever.


  1. I love love this post. Spot on baby!


  2. update: shortly after posting this, revolveclothing.com emailed me to say that they had 1 pair in stock. i bought those quicker than you can say creditcardbill. i cannot wait to wear these bad boys!



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