Throwback Thursday....gina thompson - the things you do

Yeah, its Friday. Its also summer and terribly nice outside....

This week's video is an ode to Wednesday night's Missy Elliott: Behind The Music. There is always a takeaway to these things and my takeaway for this one is that DeVante from Jodeci was crazy. Too bad....the cute ones always are.

Anyway, this song was my first and last cd single purchase. Who the hell buys only 1 freaking song on a cd? Well, I did. But I really loved it and probably played it 456 times before deciding to give it a break. I wonder if I even still own that cd....

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  1. i actually owned this cd single, too... and many others, sadly.

    listening to this song makes me want to make a compilation of all the one-hit wonder r&b songs from the 90s. mona lisa & ghost town dj's seem like they'd make the cut...


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