Girl Crush: Solange Knowles....by missDTM

some people might not notice solange, being that her older sister is beyonce and all. but, to me, she is the much cooler knowles sister. from her quirky style, to her natural 'do, i really think that she's got something special going on. my sorority sisters and i like to say she's the artsy hipster knowles sister who probably would have went to pratt with us. either way, her style is cool.

i had the opportunity to see her yesterday at the sammy b fashion show and it just reinforced my love for her. she's super cute in person - she smiled and laughed with folks. i like to believe that had i worked up the nerve to ask, she would have humored me with a pic with her. but alas, i did not, and instead i watched her responses to the many outfits that graced the runway. she is flawless. 

so, that's my girl crush in 500 words or less. at least, i think that was 500 words...or less...

now i'll just let the pics speak for themselves:

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  1. great pic of solange in today's refinery29:



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