Please help [packing]....by pemora

I have asked for help on Twitter but I realize that 90% of my followers are either pros or spam bots (although, if you ARE a pro and you are following me, you totally should have helped me with this fashion dilemma). So, yeah, no one helped me. This is the thing....

...we are staying in West Texas for close to a month this summer. (please don't stalk me)

WTF do I pack? What do I wear? Should I just find a Target and buy gear over there? How do I DO this?

These are my fashion requirements:
1. I don't like to sweat.
2. I prefer to wear all black everything.
3. I don't like anything tight/short/low cut/sexy. I am a mom to 2 already....sexy left this home a long time ago.

I even welcome advice on shoes, although I think I'm just going to rock flip flops the whole time.


  1. things i learned about packing:

    1. pick a color scheme and go with it. that includes your jewelry. it will keep you from overpacking since if you decide on everything silver, you will only pack things that go with silver. if you want to mix both gold and silver, make sure your jewelry all goes together as well.

    2. texas is hot as well. loose, flowy tops are a plus, with shorts or leggings (or your jeggings, i suppose).

    3. pack 2 bikini tops and 2 bikini bottoms that all go together so you can mix and match those as well.

    4. roll your cotton stuff (shirts, leggings, etc) in your suitcase. lay your jeans flat. that will give you more space in your bag.

    5. pack things that all can go together. think of lucky mag when they have 7 items that give you 20 outfits. it's genius!

    6. buy toiletries out there. you're there long enough.


  2. In Addition To The Above

    1. Please pack (or buy there) a big woven floppy hat and or a mesh baseball cap (like the Ed Hardy ones except with something witty on it that represents your New York flavor) because I can only imagine what Texas heat for a month will be doing to your roots.

    2. Travel Space Saver bags are my life when I travel! If you roll your clothes and put them in a space saver, they will take up even less space. I usually try to pack all like-purposed items in the same bags: Swimwear, beach towels, cover-ups in one bag and day outfits, underclothes, face clothes in another bag, etc.

    3. LEGGINGS! You can wear them as comfortable pants for the flights or any other form of travel, you can wear them to bed at night if the AC works better than you thought it would, with the right top you can wear them out at night if you do decide to go out on the town. The best part of all, they won't take up room in your suitcase and they're thin so you can wash, dry, and re-wear the same pair over and over again while on this trip (especially if they're black).

    HAVE FUN & ENJOY TE-HAS!!! [Btw please tweet lots abt it when you're there, I'm dying to visit!] --JC

  3. i'd recommend a pair of Toms shoes. they take a few wears to stretch out, but once they do, they're super comfortable and versatile. they look great with most everything, can be worn for hiking or just daily stuff. and they wont break the bank. have a great time in tx!


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