Back to School Supplies...by pemora

Oh, how I love/loathe September. Back-to-school is a difficult jolt to one's summer system but it is also nice to return to a regular schedule. Clearly, I also love the back-to-school sales. I like thinking about what I really need to start off on the right foot. (my friends who are reading this are probably cracking up right now. Wait until I do a post on my closet. Egads) Here are some of the things I picked up to start my school year right:

Lovely tote from bookhouathome

Those studs are teeny skulls! From lulus
I'm having an army green obsession. Not going to hide it. From sheinside.
Gosh, I love skulls. Maybe I am a closeted goth. At shopbop.
Hands down, best notebooks ever. At B+N.
And I am loving these pens from Sharpie.

Did you make any purchases recently? Anything on your back-to-school list?


  1. i want the skull stuff. thinking about possibly....maybe...purchasing the boots.

  2. I just bought this bag (http://pinterest.com/pin/55872851597987544/). Is it wrong to back to school shop when I'm only going back to work lol?


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