My Style....by missDTM

The recent release of the book I Want To Be Her! has me thinking about who has influenced my style. I reached out to one of the most stylish people I know, missDTM, to see who influences her daily style. ~pemora
The girl I wanna be? Well, when it comes to fashion, it’s always a mix of tomboy/girlie/hippie style. No joke. I love looking like my outfit was “just thrown together” like those fashionistas you see in those blogs. So when people say, “you look so cute today!” I love responding, “oh! This? Just threw it together this AM.” Which may, or may not, be true.

My BIGGEST influences?

1. Iris Apfel leads the charge. Any older woman who can wear as many patterns as she does and matches it with large jewelry is the person I want to be now and when I get older. I love how fun and fearless her outfits are, how confidently she wears them, and how she has never ever doubted her style.

2. I seriously love the style of MK+A as well. They, as a unit, are that perfect blend of hot mess and girlie. Sometimes MK looks like a gypsy while A looks like an angel. Other times they both channel tomboy differently but perfectly. I mainly love MK’s hippie/dirty style though. I wish to be the latina-MK (but not the druggy/anorexic looking kind).

3. boy style. I love seeing men in sweaters and layers. I love when they layer on jewelry. I just love boy style. I think if I could, I would wear long varsity sweaters with all of my dresses. And tees with my skirts.

4. all of these curly haired girls:

Who influences your style?

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