RIP 2pac....by pemora

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur.

I must admit that Tupac's death did not hit me as hard as Biggie's.  Maybe in part because I was totally into the whole East Coast/West Coast shenanigans and felt that I just HAD to like Biggie.  The other part was that the one-two punches of their deaths left Biggie's feeling much more serious and scary.  And, I think, the last reason is that I, like many people, kinda believed that Tupac was alive + kicking it in Cuba (have you heard that theory?).

It wasn't until very recently that I truly realized what a loss 2Pac's death has meant to the hip hop community.  I  was reading some of his lyrics and had to pause because he was saying some ish that was deep on so many levels.  And stuff that feels oh so relevant, even after over a decade of time had passed.

But I think what truly gets me about Tupac is that I could have this revelation about how deep + profound he was, and yet, my favorite song of all-time is "I Get Around".  Yes, the feminist in me is slowly dying, but I bet she is doing a damn good booty jiggle.  I love this song.  Don't hate me.

PS: Shop Free September has been hard.  Today was pretty darn stressful + I came home, excited to purchase something pretty + wonderful.  Alas, nada.  So I poured myself a glass (ahemredplasticcupahem) of wine and called it a night.

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  1. Did you see that spanish right there in the subject?? I still got it baby.. and by it I mean the 2 words out of 10 that I remember from high school.

    I thought sending you an email so that I can yell at you in privacy for not meeting up while I was in NYC, but I think the berating should be public.. Jokes, no yelling just sadness. We seriously are Sleepless in Seattle. Can I be the small bookstore owner whose trying to fight the 'man'? I always wanted Meg Ryan's hair. ESPECIALLY in that movie with Kevin Kline where she travels to Italy[?] to steal back her fiance. And yes I want Kevin Kline in that movie as well. YUM.

    Tell me again that you love the jumpsuit?? I want a photo lady.. you need to show off the goods, make the baby daddy appreciate what he's got right?

    ps.. "(ahemredplasticcupahem)"? I drink mine out of a ginormous plastic wine glass because I break glass things. I wish I could childproof my life sometimes..


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