RIP Fat Beats....by pemora

Even though I am not a DJ (but I do know some pretty cool ones: check here and here), I have always had a love for vinyl records.  There is something exciting, precise, and energetic when holding an LP.  In fact, my best friend gave me my favorite birthday gift to date when she took one of my poems and wrote it out on BIG's 'Juicy' LP.  How awesome is that?

This is why I was particularly saddened to hear that Fat Beats would be closing its doors and focusing on its online store.  Even though all of my music is purchased through iTunes (or given to me by jayare + DJ Shakez), the idea of a place like Fat Beats was comforting.  It always felt like this cool nugget in NYC, a place where hip hop heads could gather and discover new sounds/groups/individuals.  In my mind, there was a hip hop mafia that would meet in a secret back room of Fat Beats, that was only accessible when pulling on Grand Master Flash's 'The Message'.  I have a vivid imagination.

I was happy to get to visit the NYC store a week before it closed.  I hope you enjoy the photo tour.

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  1. heartbreaking. music stores - especially iconic ones - are part of the soul of a city :(


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