Date Night....by pemora

Our awesome newish* sitter emails us when she has free evenings, to see if we would like to go out. The bd and me. Just us, no littles. It is an amazing thing and I jump at the opportunity to do so.

When we have date night, the bd always asks if I would like to go out to a fancy dinner or see a movie or do something interactive and fun. My response? Always? BAR. A bar, any bar, get me to a bar. I just want to sit on a high stool, talk to a bartender and clink glasses with the bd.

I'm not going to get into the whole story of last night's fun at the bar but I will tell you that I am feeling it today. Too many glasses of wine, not enough petite burgers. (why couldn't they just call them sliders?) Where is my damn coconut water?


*newish because we know her but only started using her as a sitter early this summer...actually, this is the 1st sitter the kids have ever had b/c I totally believe in stranger danger. So, yep, 1st sitter in 5 years. It is crazy, I know.


  1. not being able to go to the bar after having kids is so...so...depressing. not looking forward to this.

  2. I need to get a sitter but I am still nervous!!!


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