Olympic Girl Crush: Sanya Richards-Ross...by pemora

Confession time: track + field terrifies me. In an effort to get out of PE in my last semester of high school, I joined the track team with my sister. I was a 12th grader...she was in middle school. But I thought this would be some nice sisterly bonding, I would get to wear a cute track outfit and my parents would buy me shiny new sneakers. All this AND no PE? Win all-around.

Except, not.

I am allergic to running. Severely. So, the coach tried desperately to find a place for me on the team. What about the triple or long jumps? Oh, laughter for days. Okay, learn how to throw the discus and javelin. Which was what I did that whole season, even after I hit myself in the back of the head with the javelin during a meet. In front of my little HS boyfriend. Ugh, memories.

All this to say that I always get scared while watching track + field events. When my friends excitedly attended the Penn relays, I would stay at home and wait for their updates. Due to my current obsession with the Olympics, I decided to watch last night. And I am so glad that I did because I was able to witness the most glamorous woman ever win gold in the 400m.

Sanya Richards-Ross made her event look easy. Gold Chanel earrings sparkling, hair all out, she looked simply stunning. Sanya is officially a friend-in-my-head. That girlfriend that goes shopping with me, after she is done working out. I would be waiting for her, glass of chardonnay in hand. Clearly.

How great is this shot? All images via Twitter.

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