Spice Girls [LOVE]....by pemora

This goes against my all hip hop/all the time mantra but I used to LOVE the Spice Girls. So much. Actually, correction, I LOVED Scary and Posh Spice and could do without the other three. Ginger, sometimes, because she would say outlandish ish but really just Scary and Posh. Which, if you know me, probably makes a lot of sense.

Watching them perform during last night's Closing Ceremonies gave me LIFE. Life life life. So much life that I totally forgot that I sat through (and sang along...don't judge) One Direction's performance. Those little boys make me feel too damn old.


all images via REALITYTVGIFs

To spare the two dudes who are reading this and rolling their eyes, I will post all other images after the jump. Scary and Posh heavy. I could do without the backup singers.

had to include one of Ginger. She wore an effing tiara!

this remixed one cracks me up. Love Posh!


  1. omg. love this! I used to be OBSESSED with the Spice Girls when I was a kid.


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