Don't Shop With Me...by pemora

If you follow us on twitter, you know that I am trying to get volunteers for a shop-free September (if you follow Kanye, you know that he is quite proud of his leather pants collection).

Well, much like The Situation's quest for a Grenade-free America, my sis and I would like to help all of those chicks (and dudes.  Not trying to discriminate) who need to just say NO to shopping.  I am going to ignore our mom's advice that we just do ALL of our shopping before August 31st (although, secretly, I am totally doing that) and realize that my closet has all of the essentials to get me through the 30 days of September.  Just an aside: I had to sing to myself "30 days has September, April, June and November" to remember how many days are actually in September.

If you would like to participate, drop me a line.  Ideally, I would also like to set-up a google group, so that the participants can swap items, provide support and just basically make me laugh.  I think they call that group therapy, but whatever.

Just say no, ladies.  And gents.  To shopping, that is.


  1. Kanye has a leather pants collection? interesting.


  2. i have to sing that song all the time. never know how many days are in the month. i also often find myself forgetting the number of the month and have to count on my fingers before dating checks or whatever. sad, eh?
    i might be down with this plan of yours. shop free september? hmm...i need some stuff. should i just buy it all before the first like your mom says? i feel like it's cheating!
    i'm IN. what if i fall off the wagon? do i get lashes or hard labor or something?

  3. Oh darling, it feels like this post was a wake-up call to me. I don't know that I can not buy the next little silk dress at an estate sale for $12, but you're staring to give me strength =)

    Also, for those who live in the USA (or are here on vacation), I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY for a gorgeous vintage inspired cocktail silver right that might just look amazing on your pretty fingers ^_^


    -The Girl at the Atelier's Closet


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