Ink'ed Up: Mooks

Mooks and I met in college (at a very whack basketball game....very whack because I was playing!) and have remained close ever since.  She is a loyal, trustworthy, hilarious and beautiful friend.    I actually forgot that she had any tats until I started this series....

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describe your tat
I have 3 - a sun/moon on my left ankle, the planet Saturn on my right shoulder blade, and a chain of orchids on my lower back

what is the significance behind it/each?
 I like astrology, so I got the sun/moon and Saturn, which is the ruling planet for Capricorns. 
I got the orchids because they resembles stars in their shape, in addition to their being a sensual and feminine flower.

what do you do during the actual inking process?  any rituals, methods?
 I helped design the chain of orchids.  There are five total across my lower back - the middle three I got before I went to law school and the outer two I got when I graduated.  My best friend worked as a body piercer at the tattoo parlor in New Haven where I had them done and so the artists knew me and worked with me on the size and color detail.  I smoked a bowl and took some ibuprofen before both sessions.

do you plan on adding more? if so, what?
 Sure do - a colorful sun on my left shoulder blade after I have children.  I have already picked out their names, one of which means light and the other for the god of the sun, so I plan on getting something to represent them.

any advice for someone considering getting inked?
Don't get drunk beforehand - you'll make a crappy decision and plus you will bleed more. Be leery of tattoo places that have too many young people in the lobby w/o parents - they probably tattoo minors without permission, and if they will break the law in that aspect, who knows what other shortcuts they will take, such as proper sterilization.  Don't be cheap either - if you're only getting charged $20, the artist is probably either an apprentice, meaning s/he is inexperienced, or just not that good.  My Saturn tattoo was done by an apprentice, and I will probably have to get it touched up one day.

would you like to give your artist a shout?
Cass and Christian, formerly of Studio Zee in New Haven.  Christian is now at Lovecraft Tattoo in New Haven, along with Luis, another Studio Zee alum and badass tattoo artist. 

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