Most Wanted: Carpenter Bee Bag [gray]....by pemora

I have a confession to make.  If you are one of the 2 nonfamily/friends who read this blog, you might have never guessed what I am about to say.  Actually, you probably know or really don't care, but I am hyping this up as much as possible......

I am a mom.

There, I have said it.  Its not that I am trying to hide my mommyhood status, but in my mind, I am this hip/cool/funky woman who people say to themselves after leaving happy hour, "wow, I never ever knew she was a mom!".  Except, I say things like hip, cool and funky.

I adore my son.  I prefer his presence to 99% of the people I know.  But the word MOM conjures up images of muffin tops, crocs and mom jeans.  At least, it does in my mind.

But I like to think I am so much cooler (more hip to it?) than most moms and dress so non-mommy-like.  Not a hoochie.  That's a whole other level.

Anyway, all this to say that I purchased the Carpenter Bee Bag in black from Spotted Moth because it looked a little like thatotherbagthatIsocannotafford and loved it.  I loved it so much so that it became my everyday bag.  And by everyday bag, I mean my diaper bag.


But really?  I love it.  It is lightweight, bottles/oj/other fluids can spill all over it, and....it freaking looks cool.  Or hip.  I feel like a Fauxdashian sister when I use it, even though it just hangs off of the back of my son's Maclaren.

Sittin' in my Maclaren
and everyone is starin'

I am insanely jealous that this bag is now available in gray.  I hope that one of you awesome ladies (or fabulous dudes) grab it asap.  Trust, it is worth more than its sale price AND I guarantee you that this gray lady will be sold out before the end of the week.  Trust.

Get yours TODAY at Spotted Moth.

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  1. Ok i know you're a mom, but I've always thought you were pretty cool-you wear cool stuff, you like cool stuff, and I think we'd have a swell time if we were to hang out at happy hour!
    And you could carry this gray bag--yeah! This bag is pretty versatile I think, I could see it used as both a purse and a diaper bag, either way--well I'd be down for using it as a purse.
    And lady, I think you were behind on your sleep when I saw you tweeted something about trying to make it to my swap...while I love the idea of that...are you crazy???? If I'm not mistaken you had just arrived back from LA! I would've thought you were superhuman had you been able to really make it, no way would I have ever made it if the shoe was on the other foot. Next time, next time


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