Sheyna Jewelry [most wanted]....by pemora

Like many mommies who have 2 seconds of free time to think about how they look (to think that 2 kids in and I JUST learned the art of waiting to put on my jacket/sweater/vest until the very last second...covers up any + all spit-up stains), I am always thinking about accessories. Accessories are a mommy's bff'er. Why?

1. they spice up old tees. Even those with said spit-up stains
2. they are easy to put on + take off. Depending on which child and age group you are dealing with
3. accessories will stay with you, even when pesky things like waistbands and bra sizes decide to change

I am intrigued by Sheyna Jewelry, a site that allows you to design your jewelry. Little ol' me? A jewelry designer? But, oh yes!

And before I decide to audition for Project Accessories season 2, I checked out their ready-made jewelry. Egads! Really great price-points!

Here are some of my fav pieces but check out the site for yourself. And while you are there, enjoy a 10% off discount, courtesy of yours truly. Just mention the code: sheyna10. Happy shopping!

Golden Bow Earrings

Smoky Quartz + Charm Earrings

Leaves Stone earrings


  1. I have to say that these earrings are very pretty. I like design and color combination of these earrings. My personal favorite is smoky quartz earring. They are very beautiful and elegant. I love to have that pair of earrings for me.


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