Yulanda Yee....by pemora

This morning, I woke up with Yulanda Yee on my mind. Yulanda wrote and took beautiful pictures for her blog, little thoughts. little thoughts was the first personal style blog that I had ever followed; it was the blog that got me thinking about outfits and how we present ourselves. The pictures were stunningly creative + beautiful.

On February 11, 2010, Yulanda passed away from lymphoma cancer. Her boyfriend and dad wrote the final entry for the blog, an appreciative tone for her followers, her friends.

Unfortunately, little thoughts is long gone. I miss Yulanda's beautiful pictures, her kind + sincere words, her spirit. She was a truly talented person.

Update: I received a message today (12.5.11) via Google Reader that someone is trying to get Yulanda's blog back online. Whoever you are, thank you! I am glad that this piece of her will not be lost forever.

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