Random 7.....by pemora

Random Siete
by pemora

Kelley Anne at Kaleidoscopic Refrains asked me to do a Random 7 list about myself.  She is quite possibly the sweetest and most supportive blogger I have ever 'met', so I had to agree to her wish.   I hope you enjoy!

1. No one calls me by my birth name. With very few exceptions, everyone I know calls me 'p'.  It started back in college when my roommates would leave me notes on our dorm room door and write "p".  After that, EVERYONE started calling me 'p' and I sign all of my emails the same.  In fact, it is rather weird to hear my government name (although it is not pemora).

2. I have had a crush on my husband since I was 12.  That's a long effing time.

3. I don't easily like girls but I don't trust girls who don't like girls.

4. I know I said I don't easily like girls, but my girlfriends are AMAZING people.  I adore them.  They are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, witty and ambitious.  Oh, and I love their sense of style.

5. I love to shop but I hate spending money.

6. After teaching myself in the 4th grade, I still know the alphabet in ASL.

7. I am lactose intolerant, but I love cheese.  Like, heart it.  I heart cheese so much.  I have never met a cheese I didn't like.

I want to pass the Random 7 to DTM at Twisted Style, ADJ at Green Eggs and Glam, ANP at Buddhist Marketer, Koko at res pulchrae,  WILDASAMINK at Wild as a Mink, But Sweet as Sodapop,  Julie at Orchard Grey, and Jessica at love, lolita.


  1. Thanks for doing that. I love reading these, its so interesting to find out about fellow bloggers since most of us will never hang out in real life. Its so sweet that you've had a crush on your husband for that long.

  2. You, darling, you are the best girlfriend a girl could ask for! And cheese is the best.

  3. I love to shop but hate to spend money too, so annoying!

    lovelove, M.


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