What I Learned This Decade...by JBoogs

What I Learned This Decade [2000-2009]
By Jboogs

  1. OJ’s luck ran out on him (sorry for the pun)
  2. Reality TV is here to stay
  3. Rappers used to go to jail and then rap about it. Now they become rappers and then go to jail
  4. Bill Clinton still matters
  5. The levees were broken and that “George Bush does not like Black people”—Kanye West
  6. What hand sanitizer is
  7. Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Diddy cant stop, wont stop because he does not know how to stop
  8. What Haliburton is and its connection to Dick Cheney
  9. Friendster is the coolest social networking website
  10. Myspace is the coolest social networking website
  11. Facebook is the coolest social networking website
  12. What Weapons of Mass Destructions are but NOT where they are
  13. What a hanging chad is
  14. That I should not sign-up for credit cards for the cool t-shirt or sports bag. Same goes for the Army.
  15. Saturday Night Live can be funny again (Thank you Sarah Palin and Digital Shorts)
  16. Some financial institutions are more important than others
  17. What a Ponzi scheme is
  18. How strong the following of PETA is
  19. There are only 8 planets
  20. RudGuliani cannot stop talking about 9/11
  21. That Michael Jackson’s following spans generations
  22. What a ringtone is
  23. Wazzzzupp!!!!
  24. California can legalize medicinal marijuana but cannot legalize same-sex marriage
  25. What Itunes and an Ipod are
  26. Al Gore can re-invent himself
  27. Colin Powell got set up when he had to go to the United Nations
  28. Mission was not accomplished
  29. Who Osama Bin Laden is but not where he is
  30. What a wardrobe malfunction is
  31. Cocaine is a hell of a drug and that there are only 3 rappers that spit hotfire: Dylon Dylon and Dylon (Thanks Chapelle Show and Charlie Murphy)
  32. Tiger Woods can dominate a game that does not want him around
  33. Steroids are illegal but standard in most sports
  34. The NBA could be fixed (think playoffs)
  35. My president is Black

Happy New Year, Folks!

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  1. #9, 10, and 11 crack me up. and are so true.



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