Shop Small #3.....by pemora

If you missed the first or second posts in the #shopsmall series, please check them out. I love shopping as much as the next 'Murrican but I try hard to support small and/or local businesses. According to Sylvia Wyant, "each dollar spend at a local business will return up to five times that amount within your community through city taxes, employees' wages, and purchases of materials, supplies and services at other independent businesses"1

Check out some #shopsmall goods

For that dapper dude (or lady) in your life, Alabaster & Chess makes stunning custom made suits and dress shirts. Definitely let them know that UrbanRhetoric sent you.

I have loved Brook&Lyn's goodies since her series of rope necklaces. Her newest line does NOT disappoint (including super sweet hair clips). Extra 25% off with the code TURKEY

Besides her hilarious and informative blog and DIY tips, Mr. Kate makes awesome jewelry. I love the masculine and feminine feel of this necklace. Everything 50% off for Black Friday.

I own a Created By Fortune bow tie necklace and always receive compliments when I rock it. Check out her studded pieces while on the site. Extra 30% off when you use the code BLACK FRIDAY

A fun sweatshirt made by a Project Runway contestant? Yespleaseandthankyou! Get yours at Sammy B. Designs.

LaureLuxe makes beautiful and hard pieces at great prices. Extra 25% off with the code BLACKLUXE

1 http://www.elephantjournal.com/2008/09/why-shop-local-local-businesses-return-80-of-each-dollar-to-the-community/

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