Best Bag Ever....by pemora

When things get really stressful, I do two things -- I watch the news nonstop and I online shop. My husband hates that I do both but it is who I am. It is what I do.

So, in an effort to not think about the things that are REALLY stressing me about Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to share a recent purchase. This purchase will forever be known as the Best Bag Ever.* The camo is a lot darker than this pic but that just makes for this cool subtle affect. And because this is from the dudes' section, it is super roomy with a lot of pockets. I am in love.

Get yours at the Gap.

*well, until I buy another bag. Than THAT ONE will be the Best Bag Ever.


  1. love this but i'm waiting for the price to go down...(poor graduate student status SUCKS).

  2. i hear you...and gap always does put things on sale. but i think they have an online discount right now.


  3. "*well, until I buy another bag. Than THAT ONE will be the Best Bag Ever." Exactly how I always feel. very nice find.


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