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I changed the title/hashtag to #shopsmall because we need to support local and small businesses every day. How are the local businesses doing in your hood? Have you visited your local bookstore (not Barnes + Noble) or coffee shop (not Starbucks) recently? I bet both places have awesome gift ideas.

Some more picks after the jump. Check out parts one, two and three of the Shop Small Series.

Not only is this a beautiful piece but all proceeds go to the American Red Cross to support victims of Hurricane Sandy. Shop small AND do good! From LaureLuxe Links of Love

I am a big fan of her bow ties but I would rock this hat as well. Especially with my leopard print coat! From CreatedbyFortune

This look is something I want to recreate several times over. Love the idea of a little slip peering out from under a skirt/dress. From dear lizzy shop

Paj1 gets all of his suits and dress shirts made through this company. [and he's a pretty dapper dresser, if you ask me] If you schedule an appointment for that special man in your life, let them know UrbanRhetoric sent you! From Alabaster & Chess

It was actually difficult to choose just one painting but this reminded me of an outfit I probably wore earlier this fall. From alkeemi paintings.

If I looked like this, I would wear this dress grocery shopping. To the library. Even church. From Sammy B. Designs

I am a huge fan of anything knit or crocheted. Wear this as a cowl neck scarf or a hood/scarf. Plus I LOVE purple! From HopefulTreasures

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  1. I'm glad you changed the title because it may inspire more people like me to shop small on the regular. Good variety of suggestions too because I had no idea that so many different things could be bought through small businesses. Feelin' it.


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