Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Amen, Kim! via RealityTVGIFs

Everyone is doing this on the internets, so I figure I should follow suit. This year, I am grateful for the following:

*4 more years of Barry
*a job that pays the bills
*2 healthy mini-versions of Paj1 and me
*family and friends that crack me up and deal with my craziness, especially missDTM
*120 chardonnay (the cheapest and best wine you will ever have. Seriously, it is $6.99 a bottle!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of YOU! If you have ever read a post on UR, commented, interacted with me (pemora) on twitter, followed us on FB, or just quietly stalked from afar, thank you for your support. 

What are you thankful for today?

This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. It's just pretty darn fabulous. Via RealityTVGIFs

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  1. I love Rihanna 2.0 ^ and it was confirmed when she wore this.


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