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If you have already finished your winter holiday shopping, who are you? If you are anything like me, you are nowhere near being done and you have probably bought yourself a thing or 2. Imjustsayin.

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This is actually pricey for their site but I couldn't help but love all of those crystals. This is jewelry for your hair. From ban.do

I absolutely love notecards. Great for when I want to write a quick thank you, happy birthday, holler at me, it sure is windy outside note. From TerrapinStationers

No, I am not into the Hunger Games series (isn't it kids killing kids for sport?) but I AM really into arrows. So dainty. From datter

Clutches will always be hot fiyah. Always. From kindah

It was actually really difficult to choose just 1 item from this shop. I love everything she sells. From Erstwhilestyle

I'm not sure why but I freaking love owls. The end. From BrianHerrickMakesArt

I have been a fan of Janet Jewelry for years now. All of her pieces feel like they were made just for you. From Janet Jewelry

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  1. thank you so much for including my paintings!


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