Last year, I was a huge proponent for the Occupy Black Friday Movement. So much so that I wrote about it here and here and here.

I am still a huge fan but I agree that folks need to take a break, chill with the family and eat/drink a bit more on Friday. Therefore, I am in full support of Small Business Saturday!

Some of my picks for #smallbusinesssaturday after the jump

How cute is this ring? I could see this stacked with a bunch of other rings. From MichelleChangJewelry
I love necklaces. This would be a sweet addition to any jewelry box. From shopcourtneywebb
I love the idea of my kids looking like little animals when they put on their coats. From littlegoodall
I carry 101 things in my bag. Oh, and I change bags daily. This would help me not lose my 101 things. From MarfDaze

I've been eying fingerless gloves for a minute. These have an old lady/Madonna feel. From gloveshop

I ordered beer-flavored marshmallows from this couple and it was damn good. This calendar is for the foodie in your life. From SweetFineDay
Do you have a Small Business that you plan on supporting? Or an item that you have your eye on? Drop a line or tweet us!

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  1. As a person that is feeding their entrepreneurial spirit, I am all for taking some with the family and postponing your shopping until the weekend to support Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

    I am just worried that we are getting away from the "Reason for the Season" and exchanging it for camping out in front of Target for the same item that will be 60% off if you wait until the day after Christmas to purchase (and folks know that I am right!).

    It has just become too much that we are now considering shopping on Thanksgiving...

    Gobble Gobble y'all!!

    Linda Jean


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