UR's Top 10 MC's of the 21st Century....by UR Staff

A couple of weeks ago, BET held a roundtable discussion (the only really note-worthy person in attendance was Jermaine Dupri....take from that what you will) discussing the Top 10 MC's of the 21st Century.  The rules, as far as we understood them (can you tell that we didn't actually watch the show?) was to include rappers that started in the last decade, they had to drop an album post-1999, and no groups.  This was their list:

1. Eminem
2. Lil' Wayne
3. Kanye West
4. 50 Cent
5. T.I.
6. Ludacris
7. Drake
8. Young Jeezy
9. Jadakiss
10. Rick Ross

The UR staff got into a pretty interesting conversation about our own top 10 lists.  After a little bit of back + forth, we decided that our list would be:

1. Mos def
2. Kanye
3. Eminem
4. Weezy
5. Talib
6. TI
7. Luda
8. Fab
9. Jadakiss
10. Lupe
Honorable Mention: Little Brother (sadness about the no groups rule)

Cleary, we all felt a bit confined by the rules set forth by BET.  In the end, I think we were all comfortable giving Mos the top honors.  It is interesting to note that we were a house divided on our stance about Weezy (IMTHATDUDE would rather we included Wayne Brady).

Thoughts?  Do you agree or disagree with us?  Anyone you would add/take off?

~UR Staff


Def Jam Rapster [review]....by pemora

As a huge fan of Guitar Hero (I mean, huge. As in, hours upon hours of battling each other with the plastic wireless ugly-ass guitars), I was a wee bit unsure of whether I would like the new Def Jam Rapstar.  Would Rapster do for hip hop what Guitar Hero did for rock?

(let me explain....as a result of the marathon battles of Guitar Hero, I can now walk into any hole-in-the-wall bar and sing at the top of my lungs with my fellow gringos. "Heart-Shaped Box"? Check. "Shout at the Devil?" Check. "Message in a Bottle"? Check.)

So, when my sis gave Rapster to the baby daddy as a birthday gift, I was excited to try it out.  The first thing I noticed was the small size of the mic (no dirty minds, children). As a HHK-veteran, I am used to the weight of a real mic. But, alas, this is HHK for my living room, so I just need to get over out.

Next, I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of songs.  Everything from 'Gin + Juice' to 'Scenario' to 'Get Low' and 'Best I Ever Had'.  Even though there is a nice selection, I would like to see MORE songs included.  I am excited to see which songs can be downloaded.

Finally, this is a fun group party game. Our group of friends each took turns and it was hilarious to see folks perform.  I quickly realized a couple of things:

1. 'Push It' really only has 2 words in the entire song. And some ahhh's in there too.
2. I know every single word to 'Crush on You'.  Every. Single. Word.
3. IMTHATDUDE is painfully shy. Get on the mic, son.
4. Paj1 is so not shy. Did he really perform 'Turn My Swag On' in front of everyone?

All in all, an amusing game.  I'm not sure how long one can stay entertained after running through the list of about 25 songs, which is why I need to look into this download option.  Also, I forgot how entertaining some of these videos are. Seriously, the 'Scenario' video just so reminds me of being a teenager.  Oh, and how much I loved skinny, backpack, Busta Rhymes.

Yours truly performing 'Slam' by Onyx. Yes, in a frilly blouse. I'm a mess.


Bringing Me Back from Shopping Death...by pemora

One person who was quite supportive during my shopping hiatus was Merl over at Clyde's Rebirth.  Not only is she someone who ALWAYS answers my emails/tweets/posts/smoke signals but she constantly has something witty/charming/insightful to say. Not a wasted word from this one.  And she hooked me up with a pretty badass red silk jumpsuit that makes me look like the Latina version of Donna Summer circa 'On The Radio'.  Oh yes, it is THAT badass.

Anyway, Merl is hosting a pretty sick giveaway that I just had to enter.  For more details and to check out her rad lookbook, head on over to Clyde's Rebirth.  Run don't walk.


I think this giveaway is just the motivation I need to get out of my shopping rut.  Am Ex, I'm back, baby!