Throwback Thursday....A Couple o' Songs

I know I said I would write a real post soon, but I just cannot think of anything to say right now. I mean, I have A LOT to say, but mostly it is related to being large + in charge.

Anyway, a couple of us were sharing our favorite songs on FB and I thought I would share with all of you. See if you can guess my pick....


Throwback Thursday.....O.P.P.

My oh my. It seems that I only post on Thursdays. While I am not really complaining, (I mean, who doesn't like to reminisce about songs and then post them?) I kinda feel like I should post more. More fashion? Make-up advice? Movie reviews? Jokes at the expense of my baby daddy? The possibilities are endless....

As usual, this Throwback Thursday was just a song I woke up with in my mind. Not sure why, given that the last time I heard it was probably in 7th grade at someone's Bar Mitzvah. But, sometimes, you need a little O.P.P. in your life....


Jump Around.....Throwback Thursday

As any hip hop head/non-Irish knows, 'Jump Around' is the closest that many of us have ever come to recognizing anything remotely Irish. So, to celebrate St. Patty's Day, I feel it is only right to listen to this song 3 times. Because that is the max number of times one can listen to 'Jump Around' before getting sick of the song.

PS: remember when every girl of color watched this and had a HUGE crush on Danny Boy? And then there was a rumor that he died and we were all crushed? No?...maybe that was just me....


Throwback Thursday.....Sky's The Limit

Given that yesterday was the 14th anniversary of BIG's death and that I am OBSESSED with this song, it seemed only appropriate to make it the Throwback Thursday post....enjoy!


Vans x Hello Kitty.....by pemora

As I said before, I have a new found obsession with kicks. Especially after a chiropractor looked at my lower back yesterday and declared that I might limp for the rest of my life (she didn't, really, but it felt like she did), I am on a mission to amass a collection of sneakers that are suitable for my everyday life. Of course, I don't want to go too crazy, as I might slip into a deep depression post-pregnancy when my bosses tell me that I now need to return to the land of actual shoes. Alas, I still have 3 months to go....

When I read on Refinery29 that Vans will launch a new collection with, egads, Hello freaking Kitty, I could not stop squealing. The baby daddy promptly spoiled my glee by asking if I was going to purchase a pair for the new baby. Clearly, the correct reaction should have been am I going to purchase every single pair for myself.

These sneakers need to be under my Birthday Tree this spring. Hear that, the 2 relatives who actually read this? Btw, can you mention it to the baby daddy too?

Images courtesy of Refinery29


Throwback Thursday.....Do Me! (Remix)

I actually heard this on WBLS last night and cannot stop singing it. It totally reminds me of middle school parties and getting my freak on with little boys from other private schools....

Man, that is so disturbing. And now that I hear the lyrics, I am even more disturbed.....


The Wellington Papers [URB Mag Interview]....by pemora

I don't sweat many people. In fact, if I were to list the people I actually do sweat, it would sound like an acceptance speech at the BET Awards.....God, my baby daddy, my son and my mama. Probably the Korean lady who hooks up the hems on all articles of clothing. But that's it. Actually, no wait, I also sweat my good friend, HB Wellington.


Well, that's easy. Besides being a fellow May baby, HB is supportive, has tons of positive energy (when he isn't acting like a derel), and is uber-creative. Basically, he's that guy you just wish you could hate but can't because he's probably finding a way to hook you up too.

Anyway, URB Magazine caught up with The Wellington Papers and put together a pretty sweet interview. Check it out here. Its good to support good people.

Photo courtesy of URB Magazine