Real Street Style....by pemora + Peter Pabon

If you are close enough to me to see my feedly account (RIP Google Reader), you know that I am pretty obsessed with fashion blogs and pictures. I always love when sites feature a 'Street Style' segment because I love the idea of seeing what real people wear. Except....

...increasingly, those 'Street Style' segments pretty much only feature models and stylists and designers. And they are all pretty thin and pretty white (sometimes Asian women make the cut. Sometimes). But this idea of "real people" is simply that. An idea.

I have very long winded email dialogues with my loved ones and one of those, Peter Pabon, has been the recipient of my rant. Fortunately for me, he is a super talented photographer and happily fed my interest in seeing REAL people and their style.

If you all (all 3 of you) would like, I would love to make this into a semi-regular thing. So please send me some pics or find me on twitter of #realstreetstyle. Let's take back our fashion.

More pics after the jump