What to Wear When Knocked Up...by pemora

On Twitter, I explained my current state of dressing:

Speaking of style, I would describe my maternity look as homeless woman finds a fly pair of kicks.

Actually, I aspire to look like this chick:

Can't remember which blog I stole this from....help!

Everything about this outfit is perfection. And since the baby daddy has forbidden me from rocking my usual 4 - 5 in. heels, I have been going through a pretty nice rotation of my kicks. Seriously, I never knew I owned so many. And they are of all different colors and height combinations (the only constant is that, with the exception of a pretty sweet pair of Jordans, they are all Nike AF1's or dunks). I still wear my girly dresses and skirts, but there is something kinda badass about finishing the look with a fresh pair of kicks. I have forgotten how awesome kicks can be.

My other maternity staples?
1. granny undies
2. chin-high leggings
3. muumuus (just kidding. They just FEEL like muumuus)
4. Big Daddy Kane-esque jewelry (you know, to distract from the belly)

I wonder what other stylish baby mamas are wearing right now. Ideas?


Throwback Thursday....Straight Up

I definitely woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head. I even sang it to myself in the shower and tried to reenact the whole tap dance scene. Except...my shower fits half of an adult-sized body and I am 5 months pregnant. But, still.....I was Paula Abdul up in that piece.