The Grey Album (remastered)

When it dropped, I used to play The Grey Album so much that I believed I came up with the idea. That happens. I haven't listened to this remastered version yet but did download it first thing this morning. You can get yours here. Merry Early Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Three Kings Day.

Shout to Slate for posting about this originally.


#shopsmall (5)

If you have already finished your winter holiday shopping, who are you? If you are anything like me, you are nowhere near being done and you have probably bought yourself a thing or 2. Imjustsayin.

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#shopsmall (4)

I changed the title/hashtag to #shopsmall because we need to support local and small businesses every day. How are the local businesses doing in your hood? Have you visited your local bookstore (not Barnes + Noble) or coffee shop (not Starbucks) recently? I bet both places have awesome gift ideas.

Some more picks after the jump. Check out parts one, two and three of the Shop Small Series.


#smallbusinesssaturday (3)

Today is the day! Today is the day to shop small, shop local, shop neighborhood, shop to support business owners!

I will continue to post picks from small businesses, so if you know of any that you would like to help promote, drop us a line.

Picks for part 3 after the jump. Go to part 2 and part 1 for other ideas.


#smallbusinesssaturday (2)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving festivities yesterday. Mine ended with a glass of coquito as my dessert, so I would say it was all good. Yes, very much all good.

In an effort to burn off some of these calories, I am going to exercise my fingers and do some Small Business Shopping! Make sure to support small and local businesses this holiday season. Besides being good for the soul, small businesses tend to have kick-ass items. Imjustsayin.

Part 2 of my picks after the jump. For Part 1, go here


Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Amen, Kim! via RealityTVGIFs

Everyone is doing this on the internets, so I figure I should follow suit. This year, I am grateful for the following:

*4 more years of Barry
*a job that pays the bills
*2 healthy mini-versions of Paj1 and me
*family and friends that crack me up and deal with my craziness, especially missDTM
*120 chardonnay (the cheapest and best wine you will ever have. Seriously, it is $6.99 a bottle!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of YOU! If you have ever read a post on UR, commented, interacted with me (pemora) on twitter, followed us on FB, or just quietly stalked from afar, thank you for your support. 

What are you thankful for today?

This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. It's just pretty darn fabulous. Via RealityTVGIFs



Last year, I was a huge proponent for the Occupy Black Friday Movement. So much so that I wrote about it here and here and here.

I am still a huge fan but I agree that folks need to take a break, chill with the family and eat/drink a bit more on Friday. Therefore, I am in full support of Small Business Saturday!

Some of my picks for #smallbusinesssaturday after the jump


Hurricane Sandy Relief

For tips on how to help out post-Hurricane Sandy, go to Refinery29. Read through to the end, including comments. 


November Health Challenge [heyfranhey]

Ohhhhh, heyfranhey's October Health Challenge kicked my booty. Two days in and those planks were making me cry. And then I got hit with a stomach flu and excuse excuse blah blah. Anyway, heyfranhey has posted her newest Health Challenge. I don't own a jump rope, so I will either go through the motions or do jumping jacks. Anything to stay active, right?

Are you in?


The City and The Storm [NY Mag]

GIFs That Entertain Me....by pemora

I am still not able to fully process post-Sandy stuff. In an effort to not mug my bank account by online shopping, I decided to post the GIFs that entertain me the most. I hope you will enjoy.

via RealityTVGIFS

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Best Bag Ever....by pemora

When things get really stressful, I do two things -- I watch the news nonstop and I online shop. My husband hates that I do both but it is who I am. It is what I do.

So, in an effort to not think about the things that are REALLY stressing me about Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to share a recent purchase. This purchase will forever be known as the Best Bag Ever.* The camo is a lot darker than this pic but that just makes for this cool subtle affect. And because this is from the dudes' section, it is super roomy with a lot of pockets. I am in love.

Get yours at the Gap.

*well, until I buy another bag. Than THAT ONE will be the Best Bag Ever.


People are not Illegal...by pemora

Whenever I hear/read something about 'illegal aliens', I cringe. While the term has always felt archaic to me, it was more that I could not understand how a person can be against the law. For me, the law is always about actions. We are certainly punished when we act against the law. But I could not see how my body can be illegal. So, whenever I hear someone use the term 'illegal alien', I quickly state 'undocumented citizen' or 'they are here illegally'.

I LOVE this pic of Sergio Romo, from the SF Giants. (I think they just won a World Series or something...I tuned out the whole thing after the Yankees just gave up and stopped playing) To read more about Romo, go here