Ne-Yo feat Fab + Diddy/Should Be You

I cannot pinpoint when I became a Ne-Yo fan but I am thoroughly convinced. The man can sing anything.

What do you think of this latest song he dropped?


Fresh Prince Rapping

At my next birthday party, I'm inviting 3 people -- Will Smith, Doug E. Fresh and dude with the sock monkey hoodie.


Same Love/Macklemore [video]

A friend put me on to Macklemore a while ago but I only recently got around to listening to him. I need to listen to his album The Heist a couple of more times but I'm digging this song and its accompanying video. I totally should have posted this on Thursday for National Coming Out Day but alas....life gets in the way.

Also, fashion bloggers who are obsessed with Thrift Shop...you know he's totally making fun of you, right? Okay, just checking.


brilliant....by missDTM


in one of my classes this week, we were asked to write about our favorite k-12th grade teacher. 

my mind went blank, before briefly thinking about a college professor that i really loved. i then remembered that the TA asked us to write about a teacher during our k-12th grade years. so i thought about my public school teachers but i couldn't really think about the specifics she was asking us to describe so that seemed like a bust. middle school was ok, but my feeling of being unsuccessful in school doesn't bring up warm and friendly memories of teachers. i was all over the place in high school...but then it hit me.
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