Fast & Furious 6 [review]....by IMTHATDUDE

Not too shabby.  It was a fun.  Dumb and fun, but sometimes you gotta go that route.  

Pardon the semi-pun, but all the parts are there… (Get it?  Because it’s a movie about cars and car chases and whatnot… all the PARTS are there… Whatevah.)  Guns, gears, girls, and, for the ladies who are into that kinda thing… the other kinda guns a-la The Rock and Vin Diesel.  I’m not hatin’ on those punks, I’m just strongly disliking them for making me feel like I have to get my weight WAY up.

(Oh, and Gina Carano… I see you and I’m disliking you, too, dammit – slightly different reasons though – you ain’t have to do him like that). 



5 minutes Into the Darkness, and you’re hooked – more importantly, 4 minutes in and you realize it is going to be better than Iron Man 3.  Yup… I’m an RDJ fan, but Iron Man 3 was a major disappointment, while Trek Into Darkness was surprisingly better than the trailers suggested.

Technically, in the most unambiguous sense of the phrase, I still 'have a thang for Zoe (and I can hear somebody saying “bowchickabowaaah!” but I assure you I don’t mean it like that – although clearly our offspring would be genetically superior beings, that’s a story for another day – I’m just talking about my love of watching her act)…, the improbability of her hollering at IMTHATDUDE affords me the ability to be brutally honest about any crap films she’s been in (which, so far has been… NOTHING… not even the utterly ridiculous Colombiana was “crap” per se).  Eh… well… maybe “Guess Who” might’ve sorta kinda funked it right on up a bit+ … and maybe… MAYBE… Vantage Point gave me cinematic vertigo (and a touch of nausea)… AND Takers – okay, Takers sucked legumes of a certain sort.  But ain’t one to gossip, so you ain’t heard that from me.  Star Trek Into Darkness was - as we borderline old heads say – “good money.”
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