Backseat Bingo [most wanted].....by pemora

As some of you may know, I have been a fan of Ester's since our long lost Chictopia days. Initially, I was just completely obsessed with her sense of style; since then, my obsession includes her awesome jewelry line. I am slowly, but surely, working on owning a piece from each collection.

By the way, my entry lock double finger ring is still an all-time fave...

via Little Rooms

Ester has just released a new collection, entitled Backseat Bingo. I picture some bad-a$$ LA chicks wearing every piece, while driving to Vegas in a beat-up RV, all while planning their escapades for the weekend. I don't know. My imagination runs wild sometimes.....take a look at some of my favorite pieces and check out the whole collection at Little Rooms....

via Little Rooms

via Little Rooms

And my absolute favorite piece...

via Little Rooms


Me + Mariah....by pemora

No less than 5 people sent me various versions of Mariah Carey's appearance on HSN. My question -- how the eff did I miss this?

There are so many key moments. Can't watch youtube at work or on your flippy phone? (my sis will get that last reference) Then just read the following. This is all you need to understand the essence of her 2 hours on HSN.

The lambily.
We can mix it up, dahling. We can make it a whole different experience.
I was in February. Honey, it was bleak for me.
I need a moment. I need a fragrant moment.
Last time we had an issue. I won't get into it.
I need a camouflaging moment.
Literally, I was like 47 weeks pregnant.
Its a real diamond necklace and its kinda pow. I wear it as a tiara as well.
Why are you not wearing diamonds from head to toe-ah?

Oh, how I missed you, Mariah. You are that crazy-but-loveable-diva friend in my head. I love you so....


Striped Pants [Most Wanted]....by pemora

It all started with this picture of Delfina Delettrez in the most recent issue of Bazaar Magazine....

via Bazaar
I immediately clipped it out + taped it to a page in my Moleskine. Besides being a beautiful photo, Delfina looks serene, confident, and all-knowing because she is wearing the most effing awesomest pants ever. Well, this led me down a serious path of stalkerism, until I found this...

via Stylenik

Thakoon Fall '11, you say? How can I get my hands on these without breaking the bank? I am seriously obsessed, people....


Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft Otis Redding-Otis (No Tags)....new music

 Folks online are real divided about this song. I love it but it seems the young 'ens are not feeling it....your thoughts?


The Glow.....by pemora

Like most moms, I spend time thinking about my personal style (that is, in my 'free moments'). For a number of years, I described my style as a J. Crew meets the South Bronx aesthetic. I'm not so sure that I still hold to that description but I also have no clue how I would explain the way I dress now. I would like to think that it is more refined, more sophisticated, a bit more me. In reality, I think I simply dress in a way that covers my lady lumps, downplays the perma-splotch of spit-up on my shoulder, and can be thrown in the washing machine. Yeah, oh so fashionable.

The nice thing about this world wide web is that a number of mommies have come forward as awesome style bloggers. Its depressing inspiring to see actual moms dress up  every day, hair slightly flapping in the wind, make-up to perfection. Man, I miss looking pretty.

One site that has become an obsession of mine has been The Glow. The mommies on this site look fabulous while a wee bit disheveled, their kids are cute and rambunctious, and their personal style really seems like their own. Even the handlers of the site are awesome, responding to a recent sad email plea from me to feature more mommies.

I particularly love that each entry ends with the mommy's favorite recipe. They each look fairly simple, even simple enough for someone who almost ended up on Food Network's 'Worst Cooks in America'. That would be me. For real.

Make sure to check out The Glow. BTW, some other mommy style blogs that I obsess over? A Cup of Jo, Ain't No Mom Jeans, Bleubird Vintage, and Green Eggs and Glam. I need to use all of this as motivation to step up my fashion game....


Most Wanted: Leopard Booties....by pemora

Since last fall, I have been on the hunt for the most perfect pair of leopard-print ankle boots. My hunt has led me down a Goldilocks-like frenzy of criticisms.

Too High of a Heel
Vince Camuto  

Too Scary for Day Care Pick-Ups
Steve Madden

Just Right
Sam Edelman
OF COURSE, these are the same boots that have not appeared in my size since the moment I have started stalking them. WTF?! I put in a pre-order request but its just been crickets....If someone sees these in a sz 8, can you holler at your girl?

BTW, on my hunt for leopard-print ankle boots, I somehow stumbled upon and then purchased these....yeah, I'm not sure how that happened either but I have to tell you that these are probably the most comfortable shoes I have worn in a very long time. Minus my trusty Old Navy flip flops. Or my Nike Dunks. Or my Uggs Mocs*. But...you get the idea....

Jeffrey Campbell

*Please do not mock me for owning a pair of Uggs. I promise they only come out on Sunday mornings, during my grocery shopping runs. And, they are not the boots. And, my mom bought them for me. I know that there is no excuse but they are truly the MOST comfortable slip-on shoes. Ever.


Throwback Thursday....gina thompson - the things you do

Yeah, its Friday. Its also summer and terribly nice outside....

This week's video is an ode to Wednesday night's Missy Elliott: Behind The Music. There is always a takeaway to these things and my takeaway for this one is that DeVante from Jodeci was crazy. Too bad....the cute ones always are.

Anyway, this song was my first and last cd single purchase. Who the hell buys only 1 freaking song on a cd? Well, I did. But I really loved it and probably played it 456 times before deciding to give it a break. I wonder if I even still own that cd....