Me + Mariah....by pemora

No less than 5 people sent me various versions of Mariah Carey's appearance on HSN. My question -- how the eff did I miss this?

There are so many key moments. Can't watch youtube at work or on your flippy phone? (my sis will get that last reference) Then just read the following. This is all you need to understand the essence of her 2 hours on HSN.

The lambily.
We can mix it up, dahling. We can make it a whole different experience.
I was in February. Honey, it was bleak for me.
I need a moment. I need a fragrant moment.
Last time we had an issue. I won't get into it.
I need a camouflaging moment.
Literally, I was like 47 weeks pregnant.
Its a real diamond necklace and its kinda pow. I wear it as a tiara as well.
Why are you not wearing diamonds from head to toe-ah?

Oh, how I missed you, Mariah. You are that crazy-but-loveable-diva friend in my head. I love you so....

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