Black Friday, Buy Local (4)...by pemora

I was just reading a study that found for every $100 spent at a local merchant, $73 is put back into the local economy. That is in comparison to $42 put back in, when the same amount is spent at a big merchant. Well, then....there you go! Even more reason to buy local on Black Friday.

I am still featuring small businesses, so please let me know of some of your favs. Here are just a couple more to support as you nurse your pumpkin pie hangover....

Kitchen Conversions poster via SweetFineDay - 15% off with code 'BLACK11'

Tote Bag via Esoteric Ink

Heart Headband via ban.do - 20% off with code 'TURKEYTIME'

Stephanie Nielson's book via Amazon - again, not local, just an amazing story.


Black Friday, Buy Local (3)....by pemora

This is the 3rd installment of Black Friday, Buy Local. Again, if you or someone you know runs a small business, drop me a line...would love to feature more options for holiday shopping!

Well Being Tea via sacredvibes

Negropedua via Amazon (I know. Not a small biz but I want to support my friends!)

Riviera Bracelet via CHABELLANYC

Poppy Floral dress via kellyshoestrings

To all my American amigos: I hope you enjoy a wonderful, safe & lovely Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!


Black Friday, Buy Local (2)....by pemora

I am trying to continue this Occupy Movement, with a 2nd installment of Black Friday, Buy Local. If you know of any good local, small businesses, drop me a line. Would love to feature other folks as well...Now, for some more local goodies...

Stars & Stripes Bow Skirt via Sammy B

Bow Tie Necklace via Created By Fortune

Burt Tee via Curator - 25% off entire shop with code 'Pumpkin Pie'

Tracy Ring via Laureluxe

Calla Lily Ring via JanetJewelry - 20% off entire purchase with code 'GOBBLEGOBBLE'


Black Friday, Buy Local...by pemora

I have to agree with THIS Occupy Movement effort....this Friday, everyone should really support local businesses. Local businesses are usually a one-(wo)man show, folks just trying to pursue their passions, people that should be encouraged. With the exception of a very sweet pair of Air Jordan 3's for the baby daddy, I am going to try to buy everyone's holiday gifts from local/etsy vendors. Some of my favs:

Nutella Brownies via The Naughty Housewife

Necklace via Clydesrebirth

Velvet Swing Coat via Erstwhilestyle

Toddler Tunic via Supayana

Abstract Flower Tunic via BarefootandVintage

Headband via ideegeniale

Maxi dress via Haberdash - get 20% off using code 'THANKYOU'

Necklace via Brook&Lyn


Giving Thanks....by pemora

This is sappy, so if you are one of my snarky friends, stop reading now (you know who you are)...

I have been thinking a lot about what I am thankful for this year. As usual, I am thankful for family + friends, the many jokes I share with people, having a job, a roof over my head. But, this year? The best way I can share with you what I am thankful for is this pic...

No, I am not thankful for shoes, although shoes totally rock. I am thankful for the wearers of each of these shoes.

The newbie: even though she is only 6 months old, I can't imagine our family without her. She has the biggest smile, never cries, and is just a nugget of joy. Even when she is pooping. Okay, maybe not, but that is what I tell myself when I'm gasping for air.

The big boy: my first. My heart. It is amazing to see his personality + humor develop. Even if part of that humor is farting in my face. Boys.

The baby daddy: he works so hard to support us. I adore him. We are going on 12 years together. Marriage is hard work but I am grateful to be in this partnership.

Me: I am thankful for having a healthy body, that allows me to care and cherish and love these 3 people.

This is what I will have in mind on Thursday. And all the other days. What are you thankful for?


Holiday Wish List....by pemora

It is THAT time of year again, folks. Yes, when we all think about baby Jesus (*melissa gorja voice*) and drink tons of coquito. Oh! And gifts. Yes, lots + lots of gifts. For my fellow 99%'ers, all I am going to ask for this year is peace, love + a bigger piece of the pie. But, forreals forreals, these are things I am eying for myself this year.

Bon Look Drink the Kool-Aid Glasses

ASOS Bird Print Dress

MR DANNIJO Salvador Necklace

Marcel the Shell with Shoes on: Things About Me


Yulanda Yee....by pemora

This morning, I woke up with Yulanda Yee on my mind. Yulanda wrote and took beautiful pictures for her blog, little thoughts. little thoughts was the first personal style blog that I had ever followed; it was the blog that got me thinking about outfits and how we present ourselves. The pictures were stunningly creative + beautiful.

On February 11, 2010, Yulanda passed away from lymphoma cancer. Her boyfriend and dad wrote the final entry for the blog, an appreciative tone for her followers, her friends.

Unfortunately, little thoughts is long gone. I miss Yulanda's beautiful pictures, her kind + sincere words, her spirit. She was a truly talented person.

Update: I received a message today (12.5.11) via Google Reader that someone is trying to get Yulanda's blog back online. Whoever you are, thank you! I am glad that this piece of her will not be lost forever.


Sheyna Jewelry [most wanted]....by pemora

Like many mommies who have 2 seconds of free time to think about how they look (to think that 2 kids in and I JUST learned the art of waiting to put on my jacket/sweater/vest until the very last second...covers up any + all spit-up stains), I am always thinking about accessories. Accessories are a mommy's bff'er. Why?

1. they spice up old tees. Even those with said spit-up stains
2. they are easy to put on + take off. Depending on which child and age group you are dealing with
3. accessories will stay with you, even when pesky things like waistbands and bra sizes decide to change

I am intrigued by Sheyna Jewelry, a site that allows you to design your jewelry. Little ol' me? A jewelry designer? But, oh yes!

And before I decide to audition for Project Accessories season 2, I checked out their ready-made jewelry. Egads! Really great price-points!

Here are some of my fav pieces but check out the site for yourself. And while you are there, enjoy a 10% off discount, courtesy of yours truly. Just mention the code: sheyna10. Happy shopping!

Golden Bow Earrings

Smoky Quartz + Charm Earrings

Leaves Stone earrings