Black Friday, Buy Local (4)...by pemora

I was just reading a study that found for every $100 spent at a local merchant, $73 is put back into the local economy. That is in comparison to $42 put back in, when the same amount is spent at a big merchant. Well, then....there you go! Even more reason to buy local on Black Friday.

I am still featuring small businesses, so please let me know of some of your favs. Here are just a couple more to support as you nurse your pumpkin pie hangover....

Kitchen Conversions poster via SweetFineDay - 15% off with code 'BLACK11'

Tote Bag via Esoteric Ink

Heart Headband via ban.do - 20% off with code 'TURKEYTIME'

Stephanie Nielson's book via Amazon - again, not local, just an amazing story.


  1. love this. my print shop is a small biz and local to the usa :) www.alkeemi.bigcartel.com

  2. I didn't know that Stephanie Nielson published a book, thanks, I'll have to check it out.


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