Black Friday, Buy Local (2)....by pemora

I am trying to continue this Occupy Movement, with a 2nd installment of Black Friday, Buy Local. If you know of any good local, small businesses, drop me a line. Would love to feature other folks as well...Now, for some more local goodies...

Stars & Stripes Bow Skirt via Sammy B

Bow Tie Necklace via Created By Fortune

Burt Tee via Curator - 25% off entire shop with code 'Pumpkin Pie'

Tracy Ring via Laureluxe

Calla Lily Ring via JanetJewelry - 20% off entire purchase with code 'GOBBLEGOBBLE'

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  1. I'd like to recommend my friend Karen's herbal apothecary in Brooklyn, Sacred Vibes Apothecary. She is super knowledgeable about herbs and has a wide variety of products in her shop (all organic). Check her out at www.sacredvibeshealing.com


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