On Washington Heights...by pemora

So I didn't catch the 1st episode of Washington Heights because I was really worried that this was going to be Jersey Shore-esque, with a cast of Dominicans. And that terrified me. (because I'm Dominican and all)

(sidenote: my friend and I totally wanted to film a web series called 'Chocha Beach' in which 7 Puerto Ricans lived in an apartment on City Island and went to Orchard Beach every day. It was going to be hilarious and crazy and epic. I can be hypocritical, you know)

Something told me to catch the 2nd episode and I am so glad I did. I found this group of young people to be complex and hopeful and earnest and interesting. I liked how complicated their relationships were and how vulnerable they were in front of the camera. This wasn't about GTL or neatly wrapped storylines....this was about a group of young people hustling in NYC. And then this happened...

yes, that is me in the red hat. Don't make fun. I don't do fashionable weekends...

Frankie was incredibly kind and funny. How could I not love the show?

(another sidenote: you have to eat at Bronx Ale House. You know, the next time you visit the Bronx)

AND THEN? I saw this video. And I cannot stop playing this song...I promise that it will be one of THE songs this summer.