History of Rap (pts 1 - 3)....by pemora

Jimmy and Justin (they are friends in my head, so I'm down with the first name steez) remind me of these 2 blanquitos in high school who loved hip hop so much, they could recite more rhymes than most of my moreno + Latino friends. One of those dudes may or may not be dough. Just saying.

Anyway, I love these numbers they do. You can tell they take it seriously + not so seriously. I think the only thing missing would be a cameo by Ryan 'Hottie' Gosling.



Girl Crush: Bianca Jagger....by pemora

I was all prepared to write a blog entry on mommy haters (that is, mommies who hate on each other) but I decided to distract myself by looking at rad pics of Bianca Jagger. Latina, activist, and style maven? This is clearly my ultimate role model.


Throwback Thursday....Afro Blue - American Boy [video]

Okay, not really a throwback. But I just had to show all of you the BEST performance on this season's The Sing Off. Afro Blue is a jazz ensemble from Howard University + they have been ripping it. Check out the video clip + the show.


Girl Crush: Natalia Alaverdian....by pemora

This is the thing about Russian chicks....everyone loves them AND is scared of them. True fact. Ask anyone from the NY-area and they will tell you that Russian women will pummel you, while looking sexy at the same time.

Cue in Natalia Alaverdian, fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia. She is so stylish, that I had a hard time picking the 'best' pics of her....they are all really, really good!

images via google


Someone Like You (Music Video)....by pemora

I know a ton of people were disappointed by Adele's official video for 'Someone Like You'. As beautiful as I thought it was (Paris/her face/that coat....mesmerizing), I could see how folks could find it to be boring. Especially for a song with lyrics that touch everyone over the age of 13.

My cousin passed along this video version of the song and I must say...I am wow'ed. Is that a word, wow'ed? Because I am...this storyline is captivating, surprising + heartbreaking. Whoever you are, Casey Ford Alexander, you are super talented.