Someone Like You (Music Video)....by pemora

I know a ton of people were disappointed by Adele's official video for 'Someone Like You'. As beautiful as I thought it was (Paris/her face/that coat....mesmerizing), I could see how folks could find it to be boring. Especially for a song with lyrics that touch everyone over the age of 13.

My cousin passed along this video version of the song and I must say...I am wow'ed. Is that a word, wow'ed? Because I am...this storyline is captivating, surprising + heartbreaking. Whoever you are, Casey Ford Alexander, you are super talented.


  1. ooh! i have to watch this! but when i don't have someone around listening to my computer, i hate explaining what i'm listening to and why lol! i love adele and i actually almost NEVER watch music videos to be honest. I always am content with the mini-video i have going on inside my brain about it :) anyways, happy almost wednesday!
    sharde @ the style projects

  2. sharde: definitely watch it. this isn't adele's official video but a really great rendition. have a great weekend!



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