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in da' bag [MichelleB]

in da' bag [MichelleB]

I love MichelleB (Ms. B, if you're nasty).  We see each other once every 4 years, but every time, she is the most stylish woman in the room.  More specifically, she is able to rock this bohemian/diva/hip hop style that I love.  We are kindred spirits and will one day run this town.  And Miami.  And San Juan.  And Barcelona.  Holler.

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Interview with Van Vader....by pemora

Interview with Van Vader
by pemora

1. What is your non-government name?
Van Vader

2. How long have you been in the game?
Since 1991

3. How and when did you start dj'ing?
My brother started spinning at college (DJ King Khan) and bought equipment in the summer of '91. I had messed around on a friend's stuff before that, but that summer was spent really honing the art of a blend. I spent hours learning how to listen to music; really listen to it. I remember taking a cappellas and matching them to any and every instrumental I had at my disposal. The practice gave me a true understanding for how to transition from one sound to another effortlessly.

4. Describe your musical style
This is a tough one as I'm not a scratch or performance DJ, although I do bring aspects of both to my sets. I'd describe myself as a Party DJ; I feed off of the energy of the crowd. But, style? I guess I would summarize as: seemless transitions you didn't see coming.

5. What are 3 tracks you always play?
I pride myself on not having anything I ALWAYS play, but there are sets you can expect - an MJ set, reggae set, BIG, plenty of old school, etc. One of my favorite tracks to play, though, is T.R.O.Y.

6. How would you describe your set?
Captivating. I try to keep you from going home. I always know when I've dropped the "out" song (the "aiight, I can leave now" song), but I'm more used to folks saying their goodbye's to me . . . only to reappear 30 minutes later complaining that I'm not letting them leave. My bad (wink).

7. Who are some of your favorite dj's?
DJ Cosi. Grew up listening to his sets and he never lets me down. There are a ton of other DJ's I like a lot, too...

8. If you could collab with one dj, who would that be?
Jazzy Jeff. He was the first DJ to rock a scratch set that made me stop and study (it was Whodini's "Be Yourself" - "Grandmaster Dee, if you please!")... He recently released "He's The King, I'm The Rapper" - a dedication to MJ that I haven't stopped listening to. Incredible.

9. What gear do you rock to parties?
I can't even pretend to be a gear dude - whatever looks good, usually a t-shirt with minimal writing on the front. Grown-man things.

10. What gear are you rocking right now?
Lucky Brand.

11. What are some of your favorite fashion trends/labels/gear?
I've always been partial to one pant-leg rolled up, but I'm too old for that now. ;)

12. Any parties that UR readers should check out?
There have been a bunch of memorable parties in NYC - Soul Kitchen being the biggest standout to me. But, call me old-fashioned, I still like to follow the DJ. Where's DJ Obah tonight? Where's Cosi spinning? Rich Medina? Qool Marv? Good DJ's tend to make good parties. If not, I'll still enjoy my night... But, if you need a spot rec, come check me at LCL on Saturday nights...

13. How can folks reach out and touch you (internet-style, of course)?
vanvader.com or facebook fan page for Van Vader. Or, hit me directly at dj@vanvader.com

14. Which artists are you feeling right now?
I've been all over the place musically as of late. I find myself listening to folks on youtube, like David Sides - a hip-hop pianist, of sorts. He covers a lot of popular music by ear - crazy...

15. Who has been your favorite MC to work with?
That hasn't really been my direction in music, but the coolest group I got to rock alongside was The Gap Band.

16. What is the best movie soundtrack?
"The Fish The Saved Pittsburgh" (only, that could be because I love the movie, not sure...) and "Beat Street" (I wore that tape out!).

17. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Boring my then-13-year-old son to tears with stories about how his father used to hold down the decks all over the city...

18. Any final words?
I've got tons - when you're ready to write your book, hit me up. I've got thoughts on requests, theories about musical tastes, how race and socio-economics play out in the party scene, and the list goes on! :)

Feel free to check my bio: http://vanvader.com/bio.php


R.I.P.....little thoughts....by pemora

R.I.P. little thoughts
by pemora

Sometimes I wonder about this idea of an 'online community'.  I always think...is it possible?  Could people be friends without ever meeting in real life?  Could we have some kind of emotional attachment to one another if we have only interacted through monitors and keyboard pads?

And then...one of my favorite bloggers passed away.  A girl who loved food, fashion, and her boyfriend.  A girl who was sweet + kind + cute.  A girl with a family + friends.  A girl with pretty pictures + a cute blog.

But she was so much more than that.  How do I know?  Because when I read the post that she had passed, I cried.  Because the world will be a different place now that she is not in it.

So, this is for you little thoughts.  I hope that you have found peace.

Tattoo Me.....by pemora

Tattoo Me.
by pemora

So, I have scheduled an appointment to get my 1st tattoo.  On my *#@&#) birthday.  I am excited/scared/nervous/panicked about getting this tattoo but I am confident that it is what I want to do.  I have a couple of ideas (1. on the forearm 2. something incorporating my son because he is the coolest ever).  I am just wondering -- how many of you folks have tattoos?  Where?  What is it of?

By the way, this is NOT the tattoo I want to get.



Valentine's Day....by IMTHATDUDE


In the interest of full disclosure, I am not big fan of Saint Valentine or the day named after that corny mofo.  If I had my way, we’d skip the February 14th in the leap years.  Then what would you suckas do who forget about your women 362.25 days of the year (assuming you remember her on Christmas and her birthday)?  I put romantic comedies in the same category as musicals – the chances of me liking them are about as good as any normal person enjoying a two hour enema.  Not freaking likely.

With Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, The Flamingo Kid)directing Valentine’s Day, decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.  That was a significant benefit because by my calculations, I believe it comes out to roughly $3000 – that’s for 2 hours of my time in the theater, plus travel time, plus ticket price, plus carfare and my mandatory raisnettes and water – yes, the bulk of that amount is the ticket price and concessions, but my time is kinda important too).

Katherine Fugate (The Prince and Me, TV’s Army Wives) picks up the pen on this one. 

This is one of those movies that, for people like me, we can’t completely castrate (if it had balls to begin with) because there wasn’t anything specifically wrong about it.  The writing was okay, the direction was on point, and the cast was fine.  And by fine, I mean the women are pretty good looking and, judging from the tweens reaction during the movie, the female audience will be pleased with the men cast. 

Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Emma Roberts, Queen Latifah, Shirley MacLaine, Kathy Bates, Taylor Swift, are joined by Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Taylor Lautner, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Topher Grace, Carter Jenkins, Ashton Kutcher, and Hector Elizondo.  That cast is entirely too big for me to bother writing what movies they were in.  Honestly, it doesn’t even matter.  This qualifies as an all-star cast (although the talent levels are all over the place like a Sarah Palin interview)

ASIDE:  Jessica Biel is a bad woman.  I can’t front.  I felt that had to be said.  Moving right along…

The actual story was pretty lame.  If you can’t figure out what the twists are in the first 15 minutes, then it might behoove you to skip that appearance on Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? because I can answer that question for you right now.  No/Nyet/Iie/Nee/Mhai and for all my Hatian peoples out there: NON!  You are not.


So it’s Valentine’s Day and we follow several couples at differing stages of love booty-calling in an utterly predictable journey along the relationship road from burgeoning lust to break up and reconciliation.

The old couple (together for 50+ years) goes through something new that tests the relationship.  The new couple (together 2 weeks) is tested as they find out more information about each other.  The newly engaged couple (together 2 years) has post-engagement issues.  The best friends have SURPRISING sexual tension (sarcasm in all caps).  The athlete without a family has a relationship crisis at the same time he has a career crisis.  The kids have the unrequited love issues going on until they learn to get over their issues (I have to admit that part was kinda cute – and arguably more interesting than anything going on with the adults).  And the anti-Valentine’s Day un-tethered singles find themselves in denial.

The shining light (aside from the aforementioned “ASIDE”) is Julia Roberts.  I’ve said this several times before – she is so much fun to look at onscreen (yes, I think she’s hot, but more importantly, she is a great actress).  If only 1/3 of the actresses working today had her talent, movies would be remarkably better.  I wish she had a much bigger role in the film, but alas... nope

Overall, if you are partial to flicks like Pretty Woman (and I do not - despite the high esteem in which I hold Garry Marshall), theoretically you will LOVE this movie.  It is syrupy sweet at times and plenty sappy and everything works out for everybody you are supposed to like.  I just wish I could tap into the part of me that cares about the subject matter.  Fortunately (with respect to the movie-going experience), that part of me is long, long gone. 

Let’s be clear, I am a romantic.  Don’t believe me, ask about me.  Hell, I’m even a good listener; but one thing I won’t do (not easily) is give-in to the Valentine’s Day hoopla.  Watching a VD-love movie (pun very much intended) isn’t going to affect my philosophical disdain for VD and the crap associated with it.  Faux-romance on February 14th when you should show your woman you love her (or him, your business is your business) everyday - doesn’t appeal to me in the least bit and it shouldn’t appeal to the people it does appeal to. 

So what?  Maybe I am a little jaded.  Maybe.  But that doesn’t change the fact that this movie gives us nothing new or cool, and too little that we find intriguing.  It is just as I anticipated, the movie is just long enough for us to understand who the characters are and where they are in their relationships, but the relationships are kinda boring.  The good news is I laughed a few times during it.  In fact I may have even guffawed. The bad news it wasn’t memorable. It was just BLAH.

It’s perfect for a date night.  Sorry, playboys (and ladies who happen to think like me).  You will probably be dragged out to see this movie, but there’s good news it will not create any arguments or drama, so you might want to put up a little fight and then act like you’re making a huge concession.  Use this opportunity to score a couple of points.  I promise, you can sit this movie, pay no attention to it after the first 15-20 minutes and still have an intelligent conversation about it at dinner later.  Zone out.  Plan out how you want to use your freshly earned points, grin and bear it. 

That Dude gives Valentine’s Day: 2


1. They make crap this pure?
2. Couldn’t be more under-whelmed.
3. Not too shabby, I won’t ask for my money back.
4. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good./Worth the 12 bucks.
5. Why are you reading this and not seeing this movie? Jackass.


in da' bag

in da' bag?
by pemora

This is actually missDTM's bag.  Please send your in da' bag posts to pemora0522(at)gmail.com....

thrifted bag ($5)
pink cosmetics case (gifted) w/ hand lotion, aleve, flashlight, altoids (i carry my vitamins in there) and blistex inside
pencil case (target) w/ sharpie pens, pencils and colorful pens
wallet (UO)
reading: time out ny, intouch weekly, dreaming in cuban
sudoku (to do on the train)
 organizing my life w/ a red moleskin daily planner (gifted) and moleskin mini notebook to take notes
ipod and ipod case (ipod case was given to me by my bff)
blackberry to keep in touch
sunglasses ($5 from a street vendor)
hello kitty metrocard holder (gifted)
tissues (b/c i might be getting sick...ekk!)

ps: I will be at the Chictopia conference tomorrow with Green Eggs and Glam.  If you see me, holler at your girl.


GZA, RZA + Bill Murray [video]

My friend exiledinboston sent this video to me this morning.  Wu + Bill Murray on a snowy day is perfection.

Are you a bug, Bill Murray?



by pemora

Tomorrow is a snow day.  Tonight?  Rest + Relaxation.

dress: kenneth cole
sweater: f21
leggings: f21
boots: michael kors


Berlin [video]

....also, i STILL really like this song.  maybe i can convince my friend to do an interview for UrbanRhetoric?

2.5.10.....by pemora

by pemora

i actually wore this outfit yesterday for exactly 2 minutes.  then i realized my son had a fever, so i immediately jumped into my sweats and made him a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

oh, the life of mommies.....

sweater: she-bible
pants: br
shoes/socks: target
necklace: br
ring: estate sale


in da' bag....by pemora

in da' bag
by pemora

i took a pic of my bag and its contents for punky style, but decided to also post here.

bag of a teacher: bag [eryn brinie], pencil case [lesportsac], multicolored pens, 2 planners [moleskin + snapfish], dreaming in cuban [latin america elective reading], folder filled with assignments + quizzes to be graded [jonathan adler for b+n], requisite blackberry, shades [street vendor], pouch made in w. africa [holds too many lip things to name], wallet [coach]


2.3.10.....by pemora

by pemora

Today was a much better day than yesterday, but damn did yesterday suck.

I removed the white belt....while I want to say it was a fashion-related decision, it was actually because it was taco day at work.  Yum....

sweater: f21
belt: uo
tee: gap
skirt: etsy
rings: grandma's/gift from hubby


Elven Royalty Ring [most wanted]....by pemora

Elven Royalty Ring [most wanted]
by pemora

I have never met a ring I did not like.  It all started with my 'pemora' name ring and then moved to an obsession with double-finger rings.  
Now? I am all about the mother cracklin' knuckle ring.

I'm not even sure what that means, but it sounds right.

This is some serious beauty right here.  I mean, I can totally see myself rocking this to the grocery store, to dinner with my husband (hello, husband, v-day is around the corner.  I hope you made some reservations), to a rap concert.  Seriously.

Pick this up for me (for v-day!) at AdoreVintage.

2.2.10.....by pemora

by pemora


its interesting to me that i am posting today, when i had such a crappy day.  when i didn’t work in education, i used to know how stressful my day was going to be based on the cuteness of my outfit. if i knew a day was going to be particularly crappy, my outfit had to be hot fire.

hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

thermal shirt: gap (husband’s)
skirt: f21
boots: f21
rings: br, vintage
necklace: lulu frost
hat: street vendor
coat: target