in da' bag

in da' bag?
by pemora

This is actually missDTM's bag.  Please send your in da' bag posts to pemora0522(at)gmail.com....

thrifted bag ($5)
pink cosmetics case (gifted) w/ hand lotion, aleve, flashlight, altoids (i carry my vitamins in there) and blistex inside
pencil case (target) w/ sharpie pens, pencils and colorful pens
wallet (UO)
reading: time out ny, intouch weekly, dreaming in cuban
sudoku (to do on the train)
 organizing my life w/ a red moleskin daily planner (gifted) and moleskin mini notebook to take notes
ipod and ipod case (ipod case was given to me by my bff)
blackberry to keep in touch
sunglasses ($5 from a street vendor)
hello kitty metrocard holder (gifted)
tissues (b/c i might be getting sick...ekk!)

ps: I will be at the Chictopia conference tomorrow with Green Eggs and Glam.  If you see me, holler at your girl.


  1. girl i wish you would have said hi at the conference! I felt the same way about the conference..I was unimpressed with the lack of organization and preparedness..and the venue. As a PR person/event planner--I just kept picking it apart and I didn't feel as if there was much value in the content of the conference. I did miss Rebecca speak, but she recapped some things later on. How long did you stay in NYC?

  2. You went! How was it? Who did you meet? I'm so jealous. I was just writing to Nickie that I'm living vicariously through her...and now I'm doing the same with you:) I'm so afraid that I would just clam up if I were in a room full of all my favorite bloggers.


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