Parts Visited: Bronx....by pemora

If you are a true Bronxite, you tuned in to Anthony Bourdain's Parts Uknown: Bronx a couple of weeks ago. Not only was it a great episode but the live Twitter gathering was equally as epic. Shout to ProjectBronx for keeping us all organized and engaged.

As much as I loved seeing all of the places that Anthony visited (for a full list go here), I wanted more. So much more.

So, here is my humble list of places I love to eat at in the Bronx. It is my list and my list alone. If you don't like it, please make your own list and let me know. Let's put some shine on the Bronx.

1. Seafood City
I realize that Anthony visited a spot in City Island and I really like Sea Shore. But there is something so authentic, so gritty, so hood about Seafood City. Where else can you get deep fried lobster tails, wine in a plastic cup, kids play arcade games and an outdoor table? YASSSSS, just YASSSSS.

Note: this is a cash only spot. Don't ask why. Just get your money right.

2. Lloyd's Carrot Cake
Located in a hole in the wall spot across from Van Cortlandt Park, this is THE best carrot cake spot in all of the mothertrucking land. HEAR YE, HEAR YE, ALL OF THE LAND! A slice of this carrot cake will keep you full for 22 hours. It is family-owned and family-run, so feel free to talk to anyone about the history of the spot.

Note: parking sucks. Plan on coming here with a friend and park at the nearby fire hydrant while your friend sprints in and out. It is what it is. Do it for the carrot cake.

3. Bronx Ale House
I know this place has been highlighted in many places but that is because it is SO DANG GOOD. Besides hosting an amazing array of local and regional beers, their food menu is just nom nom nom. Seriously, nom. The surprise hit is the mac and cheese but you can order anything dang thing off the menu. Order it all. So good.

Note: while the food is family friendly, the space really isn't. Only high bar stools to sit. If you're like me, you tell your children to sit tight and hang on for dear life. Responsible parents might want to make this a date night spot only.

4. Frankie & Johnny
There are probably other Bronx Italian restaurants that true Bronxites love. This is a constant source of debate. Since this is my post, I will post about this restaurant because I love it so. I'm not sure what I love about it. It could be the backdrop of a brawl on Real Housewives of New Jersey (shout to table flipping Teresa) and cranks out the craziest array of music but this is the place I go to time and time again. Big personalities and even bigger dishes make for a great evening out.

Note: although hidden on the menu, the potato croquettes are the best thing EVAHHH. In fact, I would get a tattoo that says 'F+J Potato Croquettes 4eva' but I would be the only one amused. Which is probably the point of tattoos. But still...weird. And awesome.

5. Riverdale City Grill
The salads! The cheeseburger wrap! The sandies! Everything is so effing good! You can play trivia, watch sports, or dodge Manhattan College students. It is all so good. Another cash only place but worth it.

Note: get the yucca fritters! Trust and believe! Trust. And. Believe.

Honorable Mention: Bronxites also like to fight about their favorite cannoli spot. This is a tough one. I personally enjoy Palombo Bakery in Riverdale. But I think that as long as there is a hidden chocolate chip and a side order of espresso, I'm good.

Hope you liked my list! Any places YOU enjoy in the Bronx? Or in your local neighborhood? Hit me up on here or on the Twitters.